I was reading an article the other day on https://www.esquire.com titled “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Angostura Bitters” by Nate Erickson and he talked about the origin of Angostura bitters as well as some interesting tidbits.

Angostura Bitters

One of the points made in the article was that there are some areas where Angostura bitters are not just used as a couple dashes to add depth or complexity to a cocktail made with a spirit like whiskey. Apparently, in Wisconsin, it is served as full shots.

Trinidad Sour

While I am not about to go all out and drink it straight as a shot, I kinda get it. One of the more recent cocktails my wife and I tried is called a “Trinidad Sour” and has a full ounce and a half of Angostura and was just wonderful. The recipe is on WhiskeyInTheRai and I highly recommend trying it for a nice spicy, bitter, warmth in this cold weather.