There are times when a small gift is more precious than you’d expect. When someone has taken the time to handcraft a gift they have chosen to give a bit of themselves with the item. The love that was put into creating is part of the gift. The object instantly of a much greater value.

Handcrafted Bluetooth speaker case made by Walter Cavanagh

My uncle Walter, who will always be Uncle Jim to me, made wooden boxes containing small Bluetooth speakers as his gifts to the family. While the quality of the sound out of this little speaker certainly doesn’t come close to my Bose smart speakers, this little, wood encased, simple speaker is one of my most treasured items. It isn’t about the sound quality, which is perfect for listening to podcasts or spoken word. It is about the craftsmanship and love that is clear in the woodwork. I have no feelings tied to my Bose speakers, other than frustration when they drop from my WiFi occasionally. They are just plastic and metal components assembled in some factory by machines on an assembly line and if mine are unique in any way it is a manufacturing error.

The little wooden cube, handcrafted by my uncle Walter, however, is unique. The speaker itself was made in some factory somewhere, but the case…. there are none exactly like it. He made a few for the family with different designs and even if my cousin got the same design, mine is still unique. With handcrafted items comes minor imperfections which enhances their beauty. Just as not two snowflakes are alike, no other little wooden Bluetooth cube speaker is like mine.