I have really been enjoying experimenting with making new and different cocktails but there has always been one thing that bothered me; measuring.

Especially when trying a cocktail for the first time from a recipe proper measurement is key. The problem has been with those traditional jigger measures. You know the ones. They are just 2 inverted cones connected at the points, usually in either 1oz/2oz or .75oz/1.5oz measurements. The problem is they are not usually well labeled and they are not easy to fill to the top and pour without spilling.

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Just last week I found and ordered a couple new measures for my cocktails and I love them. They have clearly marked lines for .25oz, .5oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, and 2oz as well as tbsp measurements and fractions of a cup. The only mark I wish it had is the .75oz. It is very easy to see where you’ve poured to and there is plenty of extra space even when you use the full 2oz so you can pick it up without worrying about sloshing. The pour spout also helps prevent spilling. I now have 2 of these and can’t imagine making a cocktail with the old jiggers again.